Success through flexibility

Anyone seeking to market products and services successfully faces the challenge of offering comprehensive cashless payment methods that are as straightforward as possible and suitable for the mass market. The ensuing technical requirements in terms of the operational business are frequently difficult to map internally.

Opening up a gateway to the world via a few clicks of the mouse

Our assistance will remove any barrier to the focusing and realisation of your expansion plans. As your technology partner in the field of payments, we will support you in achieving quick and efficient settlement of transaction processes both domestically and across borders. Our extremely flexible approach to activating international cashless payment methods can provide you with convenient access to new markets all over the world.

We can help you to optimise your payment procedures by offering services that are individually tailored to your needs. In conjunction with our fully integrated risk management system, this will also minimise the losses to which you are exposed as an online retailer through cancellations.

Individuality is the new standard

We work with large numbers of retailers at international locations and draw up individual end-to-end concepts to ensure that no unnecessary problems occur either within the payment arrangements themselves or in respect of direct contact with banks.

We have many years of experience in the technical processing of electronic direct debits, in supporting the successful implementation of the switchover to the SEPA procedure and in the international settlement of transactions by credit card. This enables us to offer our customers holistic solutions.

  • Risk Management
  • IT Outsourcing

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Security is a success factor

Internet fraud, identity theft and belated payment cancellations are all too common occurrences in online retail and have a direct impact on profits. We know just how sensitive the payment process can be and offer our customers a comprehensive security package. You will benefit from a fully integrated risk platform featuring real-time customer verification and from risk and creditworthiness checks provided via the cooperation agreements we have in place with premium partners. We also fulfil all statutory provisions for secure processing of payment pursuant to the German Payment Services Supervision Act via our Level 1 PCI certified gateway.

Risk Management

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Your customers are your capital

Your customer base needs particular care and attention. Our experience in the field of IT development and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enables us to draw up an overall technical concept for you which is focused on the administration and management of your customers and integrates perfectly into our system.